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SmithHand MANUSCRIPT method

Origin of the SmithHand MANUSCRIPT Method

For many years now, manuscript (printing) has been taught as a preparation for cursive writing. Over the years, two problems have developed with traditional methods. The first is that manuscript methods have lost all connection to cursive writing, and the second is the cursive method itself. "Stick and ball" manuscript writing does not train students for any cursive method, and cursive methods in use for many years do not train students to write a practical cursive hand. Many forms now read "Please Print" because traditional cursive writing methods have failed.

Recently, some curriculum suppliers looked at this problem and decided to change things. Since "stick and ball" manuscript methods have to be "unlearned" to teach cursive, why not just start children in cursive and skip manuscript altogether? Over the past few years, the teaching of manuscript and cursive writing has been moved into earlier and earlier grade levels. Some suppliers now begin cursive writing at the kindergarten level and skip manuscript altogether!

There is a problem with this, also. Very few children acquire the motor skills to begin cursive writing in kindergarten. Teaching manuscript has served as a skill-appropriate task for children K-3 in the past. But because manuscript methods used "stick and ball" in preparation for cursive methods which do not work, choosing to eliminate manuscript and jumping into unworkable cursive methods in kindergarten does not address the real problem. Developmentally, children need the simpler manuscript training because of their motor skills levels. Skipping it does not solve the problem. Yet they need a manuscript method which does not have to be "unlearned" to learn cursive writing.

We at SmithHand have created a solution to both of these problems. SmithHand Manuscript Method has been designed to train beginning writers to make simple letters in a way that prepares them for the SmithHand Cursive Writing Method. Instead of having to be "unlearned," our manuscript method actually prepares students for cursive writing by teaching the proper principles of letter formation and slant combined with physical comfort.

SmithHand Manuscript Method should be used to develop coordination leading to good printing. When manuscript has been mastered, the student has the proper preparation for SmithHand, The Cursive Writing Method That Works. SmithHand cursive flows naturally from our manuscript method, leading to a legible and attractive, yet practical, cursive hand. The student who has mastered both methods will have a solid and useful manuscript hand and a legible and pleasing cursive hand. Our model alphabets can be written properly and easily by the typical student. It is no longer necessary to reinvent a method that works after instruction has been completed

Our methods are original, created to deliver practical results in a way students can master. Our methods are complete, with no extraneous material. They teach only manuscript writing and cursive writing, so there are no graded books to buy year after year. Use the correctly lined practice pads to learn the method, then use them to continue proper training by writing assignments from other subjects. When good habits become second nature, use ordinary lined paper.

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